10K Challenge: Build a PC Under 10000 For Money

Are you searching for a Budget PC under 10000 for your basic work? Then look no further than this post.

In this post, you’ll learn about building a PC for just 10,000 Indian Rupees. This is a challenge that most of us would agree that a PC cannot be built in just 10K.

We brought a challenge for ourselves: committed to building a PC for 10,000 Rupees. Yes, we know that a PC under 10k may not be that powerful to play games or do heavy work but stands at the first place when it comes to performing lightweight operations.

Most of us require a spare gaming PC for storing files and working in a lightweight application. However, one must understand the difference between a gaming PC and a budget-friendly PC build.

A budget-friendly PC build is required by people who are either learning to operate a PC. With a PC Under 10000, you can perform everyday tasks easily and require less energy to operate as well as come at the lowest value.

As said earlier, a budget-friendly PC works as an option for someone who is starting to operate a computer and play around with the operating system. It is definitely a reliable and less expensive option. So, it is better to invest in a low-budget PC to save some money.

You will also get the PC component’s prices and list so that you can straight buy them through our links.

These choices offer the best value possible, so if you want to buy a budget-friendly PC under 10000, then keep reading to learn about their capabilities and which one will fit your needs.

What to Look for When Buying a PC under 10000

If you’re looking to build a PC under 10000 in India, there are some things you have to keep in mind.

First, you have to think about what kind of performance you need. If you need a PC for basic work performance, then u may go for this build. Otherwise, if u want performance that can handle all your gaming and demanding tasks then you have to increase your budget a little more.

Second, you have to consider what size and form factor you need. A desktop PC usually be the most affordable option, but if you need a more portable solution, then you may go for a laptop or Ultrabook might be a better choice.

Finally, and lastly, you have to think about what features are most important to you. If you’re searching for a PC that’s suitable for casual use, basic web browsing and email might be all you need. But if you need something more powerful for work or play, you have to look for a PC with a faster processor, more memory and storage, and perhaps even a dedicated graphics card. If you want to build a powerful PC then you may go for the PC build under 60000, this build gives you the power that you need.

For your powerful PC, I think that you also need a powerful GPU right? 

There’s a separate blog post for the best graphics card under 20000. For your powerful gaming PC, don’t wait just go and check.

How to Choose the Right PC under 10000 for You

To choose the right PC under 10000, some factors should be taken into consideration.

Firstly, determine the intended usage. For simple tasks such as browsing, emailing and light productivity work, a less robust machine would be enough. However, for more tasking purposes such as gaming or video editing etc. may be required a powerful device capable of handling these loads.

When you build a budget PC, it’s crucial to consider the monitor you’ll be utilizing. If your display is just a basic 1080p monitor, then there’s no need to buy an expensive graphics card. However, if you are using a superior monitor like a 1440p or 4K screen, then optimal performance needs a more powerful graphics card.

Furthermore, remember to include all necessary accessories such as speakers and input devices when computing overall expenses. By thoughtfully examining these variables, you should have an approximate budget for your PC build.

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Can I build a PC in 10000?

In one word, yes, it’s possible to build a pc under 10000. It depends on the specifications you require.

If you want a PC that can handle all your high-end games and applications. Then I think that you should go for a PC build under 60000.

However, if you won’t need a gaming pc then you should go for this budget pc build.

Here I picked some best components for this budget PC build in India.

1. Motherboard

I searched a lot and finally decided to pick this motherboard for this pc build under 10000.

ANT Value H61MAD3-N

In my opinion, this motherboard is the best in its price segment. Firstly, this motherboard is a good budget-friendly option. Also, it can support Intel processors with an 1155 socket and DDR3 memory, making it suitable for mid-range PC builds. It has a Micro ATX form factor, which means it is easier to fit into smaller cases. After everything, I feel that the most attractive feature is M.2NVmE support on this budget motherboard.

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2. Processor

Intel Core i5-3470 LGA1155

Intel launched the Ivy Bridge architecture in 2012, along with the quad-core Core i5-3470 CPU. This CPU has a basic clock speed of 3.2GHz and a 6MB L3 cache. It outperforms Sandy Bridge in terms of performance and efficiency because of its revolutionary design.

Moreover, the i5-3470 is equipped with Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, which allows each core to manage two threads at the same time, for a total of eight threads managed by the CPU at the same time.

The Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge processor can be used in desktop computers for various purposes, such as gaming, content creation, and everyday computing. It is compatible with different motherboards and deemed dependable and robust for a range of computing requirements.

3. RAM

Ant Esports 690 NEO

The Ant Esports 690 NEO RAM module is designed to enhance multitasking and gaming performance with its fast data transfer rates. It can be effortlessly installed in any DDR3-compatible system, making it compatible with various motherboards.

Opting for the Ant Esports 690 NEO for your PC under 10000 is a reliable decision. However, it’s crucial to note that the presence of an 8GB DDR3 RAM module is imperative in achieving seamless and effective performance across various gaming or productivity applications.

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5. Storage

Now it’s time to look for a storage device. I personally recommend you that use an SSD instead of a normal Hard Drive for your budget PC.

Ant Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5″ 128 GB SSD

After doing a long research finally I found Ant Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5″ 128 GB SSD for your budget PC. it cost around 900/- rupees I think this is the best one for your budget. This Solid-State Drive promises fast read and write speeds, improved performance, and enhanced reliability over traditional hard disk drives. Also, this SSD can offer ample space for your operating system, programs, and files.

This SSD contains a 6 Gb/s SATA III interface that facilitates faster read and write speeds, durability, and dependability. The most outstanding aspect of the SSD is its use of 3D NAND flash technology. It also includes a mounting bracket for easy installation in either a 2.5″ or 3.5″ slot.

Overall, the Ant Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5″ 128 GB SSD is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable solid-state drive to build their PC under 10000.

4. Power Supply

CIRCLE 400W Power Supply

The CIRCLE 400W Power Supply is a dependable and energy-efficient option for PCs under 10000. It has the capacity to provide up to 400 watts of power while boasting an efficiency rating of up to 85%.

This high level of efficiency translates into lower electricity bills and less harm to the environment, as it produces minimal heat waste. As a standard power supply, it caters well to diverse computer systems and other electronics.

Offering a range of connections such as 20+4 pin ATX, SATA, Molex, PCIe and 4-pin CPU connectors; this power supply has been manufactured with a sturdy metal exterior. Additionally, it is equipped with various safety protocols such as under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit safeguarding and over-power prevention.

Finally, please ensure that your hardware’s specifications match those provided by the power supply before purchase.

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4. Cabinet

Here we come for the cabinet. In starting I should recommend that for cabinet. Firstly you may check your local market because there are a lot of options at low prices out there. And online products are quite costly for building your PC under 10000.

CHIPTRONEX Z710 Mid Tower ATX Gaming Cabinet

After all, I’ve searched a lot and found a cabinet for your build. It’s costs you around 2000/- rupees. I think it’s quite good for your PC. It looks so amazing and after installing it feels like a gaming PC. It features a tempered glass side panel, multiple cooling options, and ample space for high-end components. The front panel includes USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports both, headphone and mic jacks, and a reset button. The only downside is the lack of cable management options. Overall, the Z710 offers great value for its price point.


We have discussed what type of components you should look for in a good-budget PC. As well as some specific models you could buy at different price points. When shopping for the best budget PC under 10000. It is important to keep your needs and preferences in mind so that you can make an informed decision. For those looking for a powerful machine without breaking their budget. The PCs we’ve mentioned above provide great performance at an affordable cost.

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