Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 That You Can Buy?

Gaming mouse come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your needs, you may need to spend a bit more for one that offers the best performance. But what are the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India?

In this blog post, we will explore some of the key features to look for when shopping for the best gaming mouse in India, as well as some of the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India that offer great performance.

From programmable buttons to impressive sensors, read on to find the perfect mouse for your needs.

What to look for in a gaming mouse

When it comes to choosing the best gaming mouse in India under 1000, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you want something that will provide good accuracy and response time.

This ensures that your cursor will move smoothly across the screen and you won’t have to wait too long for your commands to be executed.

Additionally, make sure the mouse has an adjustable weight system so you can customize its feel according to your preferences.

And lastly, consider features like a backlight or scroll wheel that can come in handy when playing in dark environments or working on large documents.

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How to choose the right gaming mouse for you

When it comes to gaming mouse in India, there are a few things to consider. The mouse size, weight, and grip are all important factors.

Additionally, the mouse should have adjustable buttons for personal preference. If you’re new to PC gaming or console gaming, it’s important to start small with a basic mouse before investing in a more expensive model.

  • Weight

The weight of the mouse is an important factor when choosing a gaming mouse in India. Mouse that are too heavy will cause fatigue over time and make it difficult to move the mouse around easily.

Some mouse can be weighted down with metal plates in order to give them more balance and weight.

  • Size

The size of the mouse is also important. Most gamers prefer mouse that are smaller than normal due to hand size and hand movement patterns.

Many gaming laptops also come equipped with a small mouse that works well with these laptop computers. Larger mouse can be used on desktop computers or laptops if they’re positioned close to the keyboard.

  • Grip & Shape

Another important factor when choosing a best gaming mouse for fps games by its grip and shape. Mouse come in different shapes and sizes for various hand positions, so finding one that fits your hand comfortably is essential for long-term use.

Some gamers prefer sports-style mice made from rubber or silicone materials for superior handling and control during intense gameplay sessions.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 In India

Redgear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for an easy-to-navigate and customizable mouse for gaming under 1000, the Redgear A-20 is one that should be at the top of your list to pick up. It’s got 7 programmable buttons and offers maximum personalization with its software. You’ll easily control your dpi up to 4800, and have RGB preference as per your game setup.

Those who have passion for flawless gaming as well as want quick maneuvers to find enemies and eliminate them out. The mouse is ergonomically designed for all grip styles.

This mouse offers full customization. With Redgear A-20, you can fully customize your gaming immersion with RGB backlighting, macros, dpi and key bind. 

There are 16.8 million different colours available for customization with Colour Customization Options. The Redgear A-20 offers 16.8 million colours of chroma-led colour customization.

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Cosmic Byte Orcus RGB Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

In this best gaming mouse for fps under Rs 1000, They use high-precision sensor technology, to provide you with accurate product tracking and information throughout the manufacturing process.

The Orcus Gaming Mouse has created with a high-precision gaming sensor in India that lets you be in total control of the game.

You can choose how sensitive the scroll wheel is and which speed level it illuminates, depending on what you need.

The Orcus Gaming Mouse is armed with Programmable Side Buttons. You can program the side mouse buttons easily from your computer by using the software provided for sequences of clicks and keystrokes to simplify gameplay and perform other tasks at a fast speed.

The Orcus Gaming Mouse can support up to six customizable DPI levels and you only need a software driver in order to set it up. The mouse has a maximum resolution of 7200.

Get the best possible gaming experience with the Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel of the Orcus Gaming Mouse. The textured scroll wheel will give you a better grip and feel of every scroll while you’re playing.

The Orcus RGB Gaming Mouse is a lightweight mouse with high performance for gamers. It only weighs 106 grams.

Want to play for hours without thought of fatigue? The incredible ergonomic design of the Orcus Gaming Mouse will provide you with a comfortable fit and keep you going.

Ant Esports USB GM600

Ant Esports has introduced the GM600, a DPI Gaming Mouse. It comes with 7 programmable buttons that can be programmed using the software. This mouse is ideal for gamers and people who work on computers to give them fast access to their favourite functions.

Ant Esports GM600 is one of the best Gaming Mouse under 1000 in India, It has a 12000 dpi feature and six adjustable levels.

You have the option to choose the dpi that suits you best and can adjust the light of your setting with the gaming driver, which is compatible with Windows only.

The RGB mouse offers 14 customizable backlights to choose from, all of which can be controlled via a software app. The light and brightness can also be adjusted quickly and more conveniently.

The fire button, double-click, and media control are among other options that are available with this gaming mouse.

The Ant Esports GM600 gaming mouse offers a thumb rest, designed to allow your hand a long-term comfortable feeling without fatigue, while still firmly gripping the mouse for accurate aiming and shooting in games.

It will also work on Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista, so you won’t need a program specific for Linux.

The programmable mouse takes advantage of a professional optical sensor to provide fast and accurate movement.

The mouse’s settings can include editing macros, changing the speed of scrolling, adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse, and adjusting the polling rate for overall performance and control.

The GM600 1.5m braided cable is highly durable and has a gold-plating USB port which offers minimal signal lag.

Redgear A-15 Wired Gaming Mouse

Redgear A15 is the next-level gaming mouse under 1000 in India, and with a high-resolution sensor, it’s able to register your every move. Now you can feel and see everything you do while playing games like never before!

Redgear A15 is compatible with computers and devices with similar input. The Redgear A15 is designed with multi-programmable buttons and a durable honeycomb design for a better grip.

RGB Lighting: RGB mode allows you to customize the lighting colours of your keystrokes. 

Other Features: It has a gaming-grade sensor for quick movements and reflexes. It also has extra durable switches and enhanced build quality to increase its durability.

Ant Esports GM50 USB Optical Gaming Mouse

The Ant Esports GM50 USB Optical Gaming Mouse, it’s a perfect choice for gamers who are looking for an affordable gaming mouse in India under Rs 1000, yet a high-performance gaming mouse.

 It features a 3600 DPI gaming sensor for the ultimate gaming experience, 4 DPI sensitivity level adjustments (1200 / 1800/ 2400 / 3600),

And multicolour LED lights that illuminate in different colours to give you a fancy look in dark environments. 

The 6 button’s elegant look and durable switches provide a comfortable grip and easy operation, while the braided cable ensures more stability and anti-oxidation. 

The ergonomic contour and skin-friendly design make it more comfortable to use, and the unique skin-friendly material ensures a more comfortable hand feeling.

The Ant Esports GM50 Gaming Mouse is compatible with Win 10, Win 11, Mac OS.

Please note that the side buttons are not available on Mac OS.

HP G200 Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse

The HP G200 Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse in India under 1000, It is the perfect choice for gamers who demand the best in cursor response and control.

With its six DPI settings, you can instantly adjust to your preferred level of speed and accuracy. The comfortable ergonomic design ensures hours of gaming comfort, while the LED lighting adds a touch of style.

The gaming buttons are rated for up to 20 million clicks, so you can be sure they’ll stand up to intense use. And with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, you can game with confidence knowing that your mouse is built to last.

Zebronics Cozy 6 Button Vertical USB Gaming Mouse

Introducing the ZEBRONICS Cozy 6 Button Vertical USB Gaming Mouse in India under 1000, your perfect partner for gaming marathons!

This ergonomically designed mouse is super comfortable to use, even during long hours of gaming.

It comes with a high-precision gaming-grade sensor and supports up to 3200 DPI for smooth and precise cursor control.

The mouse has a total of 6 buttons to handle various functions such as forward, backward, DPI etc., and comes with a 1.8-meter braided cable with a high-quality USB connector.

The mouse also features stunning LED lights and a smooth rubber finish for added comfort and style. So go ahead and get your gaming station action-packed with the ZEBRONICS Cozy vertical gaming mouse!

Cosmic Byte Equinox Alpha

The Equinox Alpha is the Best Gaming Mouse under 1000 in India. It has 7 programmable buttons that make it easy to customise your gaming experience. It also features Dual DPI switches so you can change the sensitivity on the fly.

Many of the most important features of this gaming mouse are related to its sensors. KAILH switches offer up to 3 million clicks and are built to last without losing any click responsiveness.

You can choose between 16.8 million colours with an adjustable colour range through the software or using shortcuts at your fingertips.

It also has a scroll wheel that cycles through lighting levels that you select from the software.

1) The mouse sensor is a PIXART and it is PMW3325.

2) Resolution: Up to 5000 DPI.

3) Frames Per Second: 20

4) Editing take-up rate: 100 IPM.

5) Connection Speed(Polling Rate): Up to 1000Hz.

6) Spectrum RGB Lighting: 16.8 million colours.

7) This is 137 grams.

8) The body is made out of reinforced plastic, with a matte UV coating.

9) Interface: Gold-backed USB.

10) Cable Length: 175 cm. (BRAIDED)

11) Dimensions: 123 x 75 x 39 mm

12) Operating System: Windows, Mac and Linux

If you’re right-handed, your mouse pointer will be easier to control when it counts. There are two types of grips. One is a palm grip and the other is a claw grip.

This item includes seven buttons. This gaming mouse is equipped with Kailh switches.

Ant Esports GM270W

The Ant Esports GM270W FPS gaming mouse features adjustable DPI buttons and levels (800, 1200, 2400, 3200), and you can switch between them in real-time during gameplay when you need quick changes.

What would your dark, dull workspace look like if you had multicolour LED lights everywhere?

This product comes with a braided cable that’s more stable, and it’s triple-coated to guard against oxidation.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic and skin-friendly and the best gaming mouse under 1000, The Ant Esports GM270W is right for you.

The contour is designed not to put your hand fatigued and it’s made of a unique material so that your hand will feel comfortable while using it.

This product is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Linux and Mac OS are not supported. Please note that the side buttons are not available on Mac OS.

Xmate Zorro Pro 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Mouse

Zorro Pro wireless gaming mouse under 1000. It is an excellent device that offers a guaranteed high polling rate, smooth movement and reliable connectivity with smooth and responsive tracking.

These buttons let you click the previous page and next page buttons with the click of a button. If you want, you can turn off the colourful lights on the mouse by pressing the backside button.

This gaming mouse is made from ABS plastic, leather, and anti-skid rubber. It has a mechanical switch and 2.4GHz bandwidth that can handle tough gaming needs like FPS/PUBG/COD.

The gaming mouse is compatible with PC and Mac.

One of the latest trends in gaming is wireless mouse. I recommend that you get this best wireless gaming mouse under 1000; one for your gaming needs.

This is one of the best gaming mouse in India 1000 rupees that can be a big help for players who have trouble managing wires or keeping their gear safe. They are also very popular among trendsetters who don’t want to spend too much money on this accessory.


If you’re in the market for a new best gaming mouse under 1000, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you’re looking for something that can handle high-end PC games, you’ll need to consider a mouse with more than 4 DPI level.

Secondly, if you’re using your computer primarily for programming or design tasks, don’t forget to factor in how comfortable the mouse is to use; a poorly designed or uncomfortable mouse will make your work much harder. Now that you’ve found this article about gaming mice, it should be clear that you have a gaming laptop or PC with you. But do you think you should also have a gaming monitor? If so, there is one post that we wrote that you might be interested in reading as well.

And finally, remember that not all mouses are created equal. While some offer additional features like macros or on-board memory that can really come in handy when doing intensive work. So which gaming mouse should you buy?  Let us know in the comment section.

And Stay focused for more posts like this.

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